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Ibiza After Dark

Ibiza is renowned for being one of the worlds foremost clubbing destinations. With some of the most popular bars and nightclubs to be found anywhere, Ibiza is a must visit holiday destination for people who enjoy their noctural activities!

Ibiza Nightlife
A leading clubbing destination.

The division between nightlife and daylife might vanish on Ibiza. It has a great variety of all sorts of bars and is especially known for its never ending clubbing scene, which starts at sunset and continues until sunrise the next day- or probably until the last day of your holiday. Maybe it’s because the island is too small for all the people to sleep at the same time, so the tourists work in shifts, to explore the fascinating life on the isle.

Extravagant, beautiful and unreal.

Most clubs open around midnight, but you don’t really want to be the first one in. Around two it’s beginning to get interesting, but also harder to get access. You can kill time on one of the terraces of the pre-club bars near the harbour or taking a stroll around the city. Especially the old quarter is a sight with all the night owls awakening and preparing for their day.

The area around the cathedral is the roam of the gay community. Here you’ll come across the most extravagant, beautiful and unreal people you can’t even imagine.

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Nightlife in Ibiza

Nightlife in Ibiza

Nightlife in Ibiza

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